Voted Best of the VI

Best of the VI, according to the Virgin Islands Daily News poll, Sisterhood Agenda won THREE awards:

  • Best Nonprofit Organization, 2015
  • Best Nonprofit Organization, 2016
  • Best Youth Oriented Community Organization, 2016

About Sisterhood Agenda

Founded in 1994 by Angela D. Coleman, we are an award-winning, top-rated 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit charitable organization based in the United States. Our global sisterhood is large; over 5,000 organizations in 36 countries are part of our vast international network.


Some of our testimonials

ADC, Founder & President, Sisterhood Agenda:
“Sisterhood is the key to empowerment, social change, and freedom.”

TW, Global Partner, Sisterhood of Greatness Award Winner:
“Angela, on behalf of the 2 million women and girls that we serve, we thank you for all that you have done, not only with what you have done in the U.S. but outside of our borders. Your beauty and brilliance shine bright and we are honored to partner with you and wish you continued success.”

CC, Global Sisterhood Network:
“I consider it an honor to be a part of this wonderful network.”

CR, Global Sisterhood Network:
“I happened to stumble across your website today and I fell in love! This September I start my masters and I would love to share my experience and hear others as well.”

CC, Global Sisterhood Network:
“I am grateful for the global connection your mission/organization has created and the message that it sends that we are not alone.”

KS, Global Partner:
“When women gather there is a collective power to heal, find our voice, rise up and make a difference.  Thank you for creating such a wonderful organization. You are holding space for women all over the world to RISE.”

AH, Parent:
“When my daughter needed a village, Sisterhood Agenda was that village.  The quality of their services was impeccable.”

MW, Donor:
“We met Angela and her team last year in August and awarded her with the Energy Globe Award from Austria. They have an exceptionally positive attitude, especially after their NPO was badly hit by a hurricane on USVI. They are true role models.”  

TJ, Global Partner:
“This site and organization are awesome.  Thank you for caring for the sisters of this planet!”  

SM, Global Partner:
“I am looking forward to holding hands and creating more synergy for women.”

BW, Advisor:

“During challenging times when young girls need encouragement, inspiration, and valuable information, the Sisterhood Agenda is answering the call, front, and center.  The Sisterhood Agenda serves as a bridge that binds; drives ideas that inspire; and delivers change one girl, around the world, at a time. ” 

HT, Professional:
“I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Sisterhood Agenda on their social media marketing strategy after meeting founder Angela Coleman at an award ceremony in August of 2017 recognizing her impactful work. The Sisterhood Agenda empowers girls at a local level throughout the world through their network of organizations they train to reach, educate, and support these girls. Additionally, they provide their content and training directly online and in-person. One of the things that impressed me the most is the 10-year study they conducted that provided evidence that their approach delivers meaningful results for the girls they touch. Angela is the most unassuming force for women empowerment and leadership, embodying positive energy, calming hope, and untethered dedication to her mission. I can’t recommend the Sisterhood Agenda enough.”  

JS, Global Sisterhood Network:
I am an African American Woman living in the Middle East. (Abu Dhabi). I want to join in the conversation of Sisterhood Agenda because I believe that I could offer some insight on younger women of color to ‘think beyond the borders’ of leading an adventurous life after they contribute to their communities. Thereafter, they can bring home what they’ve learned globally so they can enrich their communities even more.

Volunteer, Writer:
“Sisterhood Agenda is an amazing non-profit organization for women and girls of multiple colors. I love the spirit and sisterhood of the organization and how it uplifts all women in a positive way. It helps us define our struggles and think of a plan to persevere. I love Sisterhood Agenda and the personal experiences I’ve had with them. Without Sisterhood, I wouldn’t be the confident, independent, and strong woman I am today! Thank you so much.” 

AS, Teacher/Mentor:
“The training was very detailed and organized. Afterward, I felt prepared, ready and eager to start.”

SR, Student:
“I am a Master’ student in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have always had a passion toward the plight a woman of African descent experiences in American life. This passion has driven me toward ideas of beginning a nonprofit organization for women and girls across the Diaspora. I am writing to you because your organization is amazing.”


You make the difference

In addition to our donations page, our projects can be funded on Global Giving and we are listed on Guidestar and Great Nonprofits.

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us.  We work hard to make a positive difference in our community ♥