Our SEA is Coming Back!

Thank you all for your support, not just right after the storms, but throughout Sisterhood Agenda’s recovery process.  We are grateful for your well-wishes and contributions, positive thoughts, and prayers.

After the devastating storms of 2017-Hurricane Irma, Jose, and Maria-our SEA:  Sisterhood Empowerment Academy is still standing.  Thankfully, hurricane season for 2018 is almost over.

Our eco-building fared significantly better than many buildings on the island, sustaining winds over 200 mph and torrential rains.  Unfortunately, some of our neighbors were not as fortunate; hurricane debris from their homes smashed into our building, causing severe damage to to exterior wall, roof, interior and contents.

We spent the past year rebuilding, repairing, and re-imaging our bright future.  We are excited to announce that the SEA is back again, better than before!  And we have news about starting over, health, healing, and women’s entrepreneurship…  coming soon.