How to Relax & Let Go

Do you really know how to relax?  If you are looking for a self-love guide or motivational book for women to help you, you found it-it’s here!

“One of the best anxiety books for women.”

I wrote this book because I suffered for years from “Phenomenal Woman Over-Achievement Perfection Disorder.” Yes, I made up the name of the condition but the symptoms and its effects are real.

After living on St. John for over a decade, I learned how to relax-finally!

Sisterhood Agenda’s SEA: Sisterhood Empowerment Academy is strategically located to maximize holistic health and healing because it is something that we all need.

If you can’t get to the SEA, try the book. My inspirational book,  Girls Guide:  How to Relax & Let Go, is a strategy to heal yourself through proven techniques that work. You can apply them every day.

Specifically, this guide shows you how to bring relaxation into your daily life and let go so that you can properly care for yourself, optimize health, and enhance emotional well-being to be your best.

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