More Building Pictures

The building process is amazing!  It seems like everything has its own personality and we must work with nature at every turn.  I am sharing more building pictures of the location and the building process to give you all a general sense of where we are right now at this phase of construction.

While I look forward to the finished product (of course), I am also enjoying the present because I know that it is a temporary state that cannot be duplicated again.  For example, we can no longer walk with the peacocks on the ground because we are off the ground.  However, they now visit us through the windows.  Eventually, the windows will be installed and we will have to spend time with them by going outside.

Another example are the plants and landscaping.  When we first began construction, St. John was experiencing a pretty severe drought.  Now the plants around us are lush-green with purple flowers.  The ginger thomas trees are blooming small yellow flowers.  The small oleander plants that we planted on the side are now blooming pink flowers as they grow taller and fuller. And yes, we just got coral-colored bougainvilleas-the color is “Afterglow”-so pretty!

Once the SEA building is completed, I want to remember how we did it and what happened.

I will always remember the water and the moon phases, among everything else-when we built the foundation and laid the floor, it felt like we were closer to the Heavens. The joys, big and small, along the way are very special.