Meet Nancy Danch, SEA Consultant

Nancy Danch has acted in the capacity of SEA consultant since the beginning and has been instrumental in expanding the concept of the SEA.  In this role, Nancy offers guidance on different aspects of the operations of the Sisterhood Empowerment Academy, including but not limited to:  fundraising, program development, strategic planning, viral marketing, and online activities.  A valuable asset on Sisterhood Agenda’s team, she was also recently added to Sisterhood Agenda’s board of directors.

Nancy is passionate about many things.  She is a cultural activist with Cherokee ancestry and devoted equestrian specializing in horse behavior and horse training.  As an avid animal lover, she is also an animal rights champion and animal rescuer.  Another area of great interest to Nancy is conducting historical research.  Did I mention that freelance editing also falls under her expertise?

Nancy’s work with has just begun and we all look forward to seeing our vision come to life.