The Roof is Done!

After careful attention to detailed hurricane-proofing and a series of delays due to rain, the SEA roof is complete!  In addition to having shelter over our heads, the roof is the Sisterhood Empowerment Academy’s water catchment system.

The water is diverted to water tanks and overflow enters a cistern.  With a large roof, over 1,600 square feet, we are excited about our water sustainability, especially after the drought this past summer.

Now, onto the next tasks in this building phase:  decking and interior walls.



  1. Angela….YEAH! Roof is done! Good work by Vincent and his crew! I know you are smiling! Do you know you are also amazing?

    I see that you have two chairs on the roof…one for you and one for me at SEA!

  2. WOW! What an accomplishment Angela and Dream Team!!!! I love the photos because they speak volumes to the progression of love, sweat and tears that have gone into bringing this to fruition! You are my shero!!!